Lenten Bible Study Schedule

Schedule of Lenten Bible Study Sessions

     Place: Lycoming Presbyterian Church

     Sundays, as scheduled below; all sessions begin at 6 PM


Feb 11     We meet Mack Phillips and his family, and see the horror of their tragedy.


Feb 18    Scene with Papa in the form of a specific woman who had helped Mack after his father had beaten him as a small boy.  Mack meets all three Persons of the Trinity in this study session.  He asks Papa: "Why did you not save my daughter Missy from her death, and the resulting tragedy our family has experienced?"


Feb 25     How does God view you?


Mar 4     Scene on the Water.  What does Jesus mean when He tells Mack: "This is happening inside you. You're letting it consume you, and you don't have to"?


Mar 11     Scene in a Mountain Cavern.  Mack is confronted about Judgment.


Mar 18     Scene with Papa in the form of an older man.  Mack is  asked to forgive the killer of his daughter.


Mar 25     Seeing the movie in its fullness.